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Updated 20th September 2020 - 

I still cannot believe that there are such limitations so very few couples want to go ahead with their days ,its been a very challenging time for couples and service providers alike.  It seems like forever since we last provided a wedding, and boy do we miss you guys.

All the couples that I have spoken with have been simply amazing, and I have heard stories of awesome venues, and ones that still will not let couples move their dates without charges mounting into thousands …… I have been party to some devastating phone calls.  BUT STILL YOU ALL REMAIN LOVELY, and you are the only reason that I love my job so much, some of your guys have had to rearrange your day twice now :(

WE WILL CONTINUE TO DO EVERYTHING THAT WE CAN TO ACCOMMODATE YOUR NEW DATES and we are giving you 2020 couples our 2021 dates as a priority.

Whilst we will do this, we do have limited working ability with making up floral arrangements, so please bear in mind that we will not be able to move everybody, but guarantee we will do our best. 

Please bear in  mind that our diary for 2021 is now VERY full and we may not be able to provide your day as per the original quotation, but many are doing bits themselves with our items to hire, as we are struggling to fit everyone in -  That way as many people are being helped - thank you so much for helping each other have the best day they can.

There are a few things that we are putting forward to new dates in addition to our usual terms and conditions (top right drop down under testimonials if you wanted to refresh on these) these are

Any price increase in flowers will need to be passed onto yourselves - this will be kept to a minimum and we will discuss this upon ordering flowers.  Any decreases (you never know 🤞🏻) again will be passed on. Changes of flower types may be effected and are outside of our control I.e peonies in April okay but in Nov!!

We only allow one date change, any additional changes will be charged for administration and planning times etc.

We may look to charge a further deposit payment on your original wedding date to accommodate any charges that we may have incurred, that have not been covered by your initial deposit.

If any items have been bought specifically for your day (vases, sashes etc) we ask that your order remains the same or is substituted for other stock items, to avoid the originally purchased items costs being passed onto you.

What i am asking of you  ........
When moving your date, it may be worth considering a non weekend date to have the best chance of securing all your suppliers etc?

Please put all communications by EMAIL ONLY to us - everything else you should be able to find the answer to in my usual terms and the additional information above, if not I shall then change the above so others can!!

Lots of people are giving us lists of dates to see when we are available - and it is impossible for us to keep track of them all .  We will treat these on a first come first served by confirmation of the new date email, not the enquiry.  this is due to the fact that everyone is talking of 4/5 days and we cannot reserve them all in the fairness to everyone.

I`m sure that you understand that this is a rather unprecedented time for us and we are having to deal with you all on a case by case basis.  

I am going to end here by saying......

That your date may change, but that your wedding is still happening and will be as brilliant as your original plan …. if not better!!!

I feel so sad for you all that its had a bump in the road …….but we are going nowhere and we remain committed to looking after you all and giving you the day of your dreams that you all deserve.

Stay safe all and hug those loved ones tight, see you on the other side.

Lucy and Team Blooms xxxx

Please note our new address at Rufford Mill, NG22 9DG, we will happily see you all at our home address of NG23 5DY if required as before. 

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