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Updated 20th January 2021

Due to the speed of the vaccination programme role out, and the indications of lock down being eased by Easter, we are now only rearranging weddings booked up until the end of April 2021 and will defer payments to new date with no further top up of money required.

Any couples wishing to move their booked dates after May 2021 onwards,

if you have already moved your wedding once (or more) due to Covid, we will require a further top up of payment of an additional 30% of your invoiced total to move your contract across to a new date.  This balance will be taken from final invoice. This policy will be reviewed at the end of each month and updated here.  We don`t want to make things difficult for you, but we have moved couples from April to October 2020, then to 2021 and now to 2023.  We know you will all understand that we wont be able to survive with a 3 year delay of income!!


Whilst we will do this, we do have limited working ability with making up floral arrangements, so please bear in mind that we will not be able to move everybody, but guarantee we will do our best. 

Please bear in  mind that our diary for 2021 and beginning of 2022, is now VERY full and we may not be able to provide your day as per the original quotation, but many are doing bits themselves with our items to hire, as we are struggling to fit everyone in -  That way as many people are being helped - thank you so much for helping each other have the best day they can.

When moving your date, it may be worth considering a non weekend date to have the best chance of securing all your suppliers etc?

Please put all communications by EMAIL ONLY to us - (just so we can keep track and treat as priority)  Everything else you should be able to find the answer to in my usual terms and the additional information above, if not I shall then change the above so others can!!

Please Note that If you choose to move your date and it is not within national lockdown or Tier 4 then your wedding can go ahead.  If we are not available on your new date, it is you then would be cancelling your wedding date with us, - please therefore check with us before confirming your new date - as NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN as per the terms and conditions that you had and are published on this site. 

We fully reserve our right to revert back to the original contract formed if any of team Blooms have abusive behaviour aimed at them.  We understand everyone`s frustrations but we too have been effected by Covid,  We ask that you treat us, as you wish to be treated ie, with kindness and flexibility.  If abuse is received, then we will inform you in writing that your contract will go back to your original booking, and in some cases this would mean the event date have passed, and further payment being owed, and we will recover this accordingly.   

Stay safe all and hug those loved ones tight, see you on the other side.

Lucy and Team Blooms xxxx

Please note our new address at Rufford Mill, NG22 9DG, we will happily see you all at our home address of NG23 5DY if required as before. 

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