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Styling prices are a bit easier and again are in the drop down pricing tab above.  We do give multi purchase discounts and unless your at Rufford we dont offer this or our evening hire items if you don`t have your wedding flowers from us, we are florist first.

We offer evening hire items, and have lots of approved contacts for other items that we don`t actually have in our stock. We pass on our discount to you so you get the best value whilst letting us sort out the details and times etc.  Please see drop down evening hire pricing for details.

Full luxury packages  £3995… We are four separate well established and successful businesses, so you get four areas of expertise with one luxury package to cover all you want for your day.  This way we make your day as easy as possible and even have one final meeting 10 weeks our from the wedding with an afternoon tea with us all there to make the details so much easier. we can even do this alongside your engagement Photo shoot included!!  Photos, Cake, Flowers, Stationery and styling - sorted!!

Flower prices are all FROM prices and are on the drop down on the pricing list above -  one price dosn`t fit --- roses can start from 50p each up to over £12 so we will advise getting the look you want on the budget you can afford.  Some flowers also have to be bought in 50s, so sending a picture of a bouquet and saying "how much is this" might mean that to supply that picture you`ll have 400 left over flowers and a £600 tag, so let us guide you through the best way to use your budget, or get the best value for money.  We always advise, to price up for what you want and work backwards.