Dont quite know where to start?
Not found what you are looking for?
Wanting something completely out there?
Need to know more what your going to have?
This is more your thing!!
The price point on the telephone meeting is a great starting point plus 10% ish but again this can be higher or lower based upon flowers choices

Bespoke meeting...


Book your meeting

Come and enjoy a cuppa in our consultation area of our studio.

Sitting down and talking your vision through allows us to understand your likes and dislikes. With pictures as a guide and  being able to understanding  your personalities and  venue, allows us to create your day of your dreams.

Using flowers we may have in as a guide and our show area to mock things up, you leave having a great idea of how we can help with your day.... but nothing is set in stone!! 


Your detailed quote is emailed.

Get your detailed quotation based on our meeting with picture examples and then.. 

1. Choose to work with us

2. If we`re not right for your thats fine, you need to trust us, so if you decided not to work with us, there will be no pushy following up.

3. Tweak bits till they are right.

Click the accept quote button and we turn it into an invoice taking a 20% deposit and sit back and look forward to your big day.



Final meeting

About siz weeks before the big day ...

Some people keep in regular contact, others we have to  persuade to come back in!! But you will get an auto reminder about 10 weeks  out to book in for your final consultation on our website. We meet up and go through any changes and you can even change the colour from your first meeting - most people make changes so don`t worry!!

We go through it all and then send you an updated and detailed invoice with all the details and times on this. the balance is due approx. 28 days from the big day.

We use any flowers we have in the studio and a mock set up if needed to help you envision your day.


Flower Decorations

The Big day

We try not to ask questions on the day

Our run through will allow us to turn up, do our thing  hand over your flowers, give you a hug and kiss and disappear leaving your day set up and ready for your entrance. Enjoy your day and we arrive the following day to take it all away.

You relax and enjoy married life ..... and send us some pictures so we can see how gorgeous you look!


Flower Decorations