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Terms of business ...........

Contact details:

Bennington Blooms Ltd- The Old Dairy, Woodborough, Nottingham NG14 6DG Tel
0115 8372700


Hours of business by appointment only

Wednesday 3-8.30pm

Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10-5pm

Sunday 1 per month 10-4pm 


•      These are free by appointment only to make sure we are free to help you.

•      A maximum of 2 consultations of no cost will be provided .... additional consultations may incur a cost

•      Accepted quotations  done more than twelve months in advance may have a variance in pricing

•      When a quote is prepared until deposit is paid in full your date is not secured.

•      When a date holding fee is paid ...your date is not secured until full deposit is paid which must be within one year of your wedding date.

Bookings and payments

•      When booking flowers or venue styling items - up to 25% deposit will be required and details of this will be on your invoice.

•      If you decided to cancel, your deposit is non-refundable, if the event is to be postponed, we will transfer this deposit to another similar cost booking (subject to availability) 

•      Full payment is required 28 days prior to your event

•      We reserve the right to imply a minimum spend of £1500

•      Bennington Blooms take on this booking with the trust that we are the sole Florists and venue styling company on your day.  If this is not the case please advise us as soon as possible as this could cause a conflict of professional interest. Lost and stolen items have unfortunately lead to these terms needing to be implied, and we may in some cases, class this booking as being cancelled by you if you do not advise us accordingly.

Details and amendments

  •     Your quote will be provided by email .... this is a package price.

  •    If you wish to make amendments, we require this by email .  This is due to the fact that we have various bookings to cater for at a time..  We kindly ask that you keep these communications to a minimum to avoid mistakes.  This is why we have that important second consultation.

  Changes will usually be allowed subject to the following -

  •  If we buy specific stock in to accommodate your order and you no longer require that item,  will may have to charge for the cost of these items.

  • We allow a 15% reduction of the total original invoice amount upto 4 weeks before the big day. If a reduction in excess of this amount is requested then we reserve the right to take the booking as being cancelled by yourself or imply our minimum spend of £1500 (if your original invoice was for this amount or more) and in addition may ask that items be collected .  This is due to other bookings we may have turned away to accommodate the original package.

  • We are florists and if you wish to significantly reduce or cancelling the flower element of your order, we will take this as you are cancelling your order in its entirety. 

  •    If you reduce your confirmed booking .... Your quotation was as a “package“ and individual pricing may change.    

  •    We suggest a final meeting or discussion approx. 6 weeks before the wedding and prior to final payment to make sure all is correct and discuss any required.

  •   Only minor changes will be excepted after final payment until at the latest 5 days before the wedding.

  •    We are happy to "mock up" any arrangements so you know what you are going to get, but we will charge for this accordingly.

Minimum Spend

In peak wedding season (April to October) or any weekend date, if you require exclusivity on your wedding date we will impose a minimum spend of £1500.  Any venue in excess of  20 miles of studio NG14 or home address NG23 will have to be taken as such.

This is due to staffing, workload and not being able to be in two places at once.

If your spend is below this amount, then we will take on the booking, but cannot confirm delivery of your items until your final meeting.  Venues have their own restrictions on timings, and churches in particular do not open their doors until a couple of hours before the ceremony.  Due to our overheads, we may take another booking on to and therefore may require you to collect your items, or they are deliver to you the evening before for yourself to take to the venue, church etc.

We offer this facility rather than impose the £1500 spending limit to everyone.

Deliver, collection and set up

•      Please check your order carefully when delivered and let us know within 30 mins of any problems with it

•      No liability will be excepted for personal injury or damages as a result of broken glass, material that are used to colour flowers etc.  Liability is subject to the supply of goods only.  If you move hired items from where they were placed, this will be done so at your own risk and we will accept no responsibility for any damages or consequential loss. All items hired to you are done so at your own risk and should be used in accordance with the user instructions provided.

•      Collection and delivery is an extra charge and will be detailed on your quote

•      When set up and decoration is required at the venue (mainly flowers) this will be charged at an hourly rate, liability insurance is available should your venue require this.

•      removal of flowers is your responsibility, unless previously discussed and agreed in your invoice.

•      Deliveries and or collections made outside of our normal working hours, will be charged a premium, and we must be advised of this prior to set up and collection.  You have a contract with the venue, so please advise if this is the case, or you will be liable for all additional costs, and or the breakage or loss of all items.   Please note MONDAY AND TUESDAYS   10-5pm will not count as outside of working hours. 


Damages, lost and missing Hire item on collection.

•      We reserve the right to charge a deposit to cover the cost of all hire items before delivery, that will be refunded to you at the time of successful collection of all items.

•      All damages and breakages of our hire items once delivered are your responsibility and we will invoice for this for payment within 14 days.

•      All our hire items are your responsibility for loss whilst at the venue, until our agreed collection.  If any items go missing then it will be your responsibility to reimburse us the cost of the item, along with all associated lost income up to a maximum of £500 per item.

•      If any parts of an item are lost (ie garden games) then the whole game becomes unusable and the whole items replacement cost will be charged as above.


Cancellation and refunds

•      If you cancel your wedding no less than 4 weeks before the delivery date then we will keep your non-refundable deposit to cover consultation and planning costs

•   cancellation within 4 weeks and upto one week of the wedding where the full balance has been paid, will be refunded at 50% of the paid amount minus any costs for purchases made specifically for your wedding.

•      cancellation within 7 days of the wedding will be charged in full.

•      If through reasons beyond our control we are unable to fulfil your order, we shall pass your order onto a third party florist to fulfil your order who will work to the confirmed priced quote.

•      in the VERY highly unlikely case we are unable to find an available florist to fulfil this order a full refund will be given along with support to find an alternative florist to provide your wedding flowers and hire items.

•      If after final payment has been made and any items are no longer required, we will only refund 50% of the cancelled items.

Additional terms and further information

Fresh flowers are subject to weather, market conditions, and influences
beyond our control.  In the very unlikely event that we cannot provide a specific flower, we reserve the right to substitute with a similar flower to give the overall required effect.  in this very unlikely event, we will do our best to contact you and discuss the changes necessary and not impose further charges. 

We understand that life throws curve balls, and will do all we can to help but unfortunately we have been told that "we have split up" with lots of tears to get a refund, and then seen pictures of the wedding taking place on the wedding date with artificial flowers!!

These terms are put in place to protect our business to continue to be fair for all.  Things like Covid, showed we will do all we can to help when we need to, but we do ask you also to understand that our staff have bills to pay, our rent needs paying, and the costs that have gone up for everyone also includes us.

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